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The club recognises that there are some people who would like to try out a hike(s) before deciding whether or not to join the club.


The club’s ‘Guests’ policy is as detailed below:


a) A guest can come out on a hike at the invitation of a club member (only one guest per member on any given hike, no exceptions).


b) A guest, who does not know a club member, can contact the club secretary (click here) for permission to come out on a hike.


c) A guest can come out on a maximum of 3 hikes before deciding whether or not to join the club.


d) If, after 3 hikes, a guest decides not to join the club he/she will not be allowed to go out on any further hikes organised by the club.


e) A guest’s first hike with the club must be at ‘C’ Grade’ (regardless of his/her hiking experience).


f) A guest’s second and third hikes with the club may be at ‘B’ Grade.


g) For safety reasons, a guest must be absolutely sure that he/she can complete a ‘B’ Grade hike.


h) To go out on a club hike a guest must have hiking boots and basic hiking gear (click here to see what the club recommends).


i) All guests intending to go out on a hike must complete a ‘Guest Details’ form (click here to download the form).


h) The ‘Guest Details’ form must be completed for each of the 3 permitted hikes.


j) The ‘Guest Details’ form is to be emailed back to the club secretary before the day on which the hike is due to take place.


k) All guests are asked, as a courtesy, to let the leader know in advance that they intend to go out on his/her/their hike.


A log of is kept by the club to ensure that any guest does not go out on more than the 3 permitted hikes.


The club has an arrangement with our friends in Navan Trekkers which allows it’s members to go out on hikes organised by Tredagh Trekkers.


Members of Navan Trekkers do not have to complete a ‘Guest Details’ form in order to go out on Tredagh Trekkers hikes.


However, if a member of Navan Trekkers wishes to bring a guest out on a Tredagh Trekkers hike the club’s ‘Guests Policy’ applies.

November 2019
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